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Welcome to the Worldwide Renewable Energy Database!
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The objective of the Renewable Energy Database is to foster dialogue and cooperation between universities, research institutions and companies undertaking research and development in the field of renewable energy.

The Renewable Energy Database contains institutions which are interested in collaborating internationally in the renewable energy sector. Contact details as well as information on their current R&D activities are provided.

You are invited to use the Renewable Energy Database for

The Renewable Energy Database is an initiative of the Research and Transfer Centre “Applications of Life Sciences” of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and has been produced with the assistance of the EU project "DIREKT - Small Developing Island Renewable Energy Knowledge and Technology Transfer Network”, which is funded by the ACP Science and Technology Programme.

How can I register my institution in the Renewable Energy Database?

The menu item “Submit your entry” will guide you to a web form where you can enter your institution data to be incorporated into the database.

Fill out the form with at least the required information (input fields marked with *). Your fields of activities can be set by changing the corresponding dropdown entry from “no” to “yes”. If you like, you can complete your entry with additional information (comments) and your institution logo. To avoid abuses a security code is to be entered, before submitting your data. Tick also the Disclaimer field to confirm before clicking on send.


How can I search for entries in the Renewable Energy Database?

There are two search options available for the database:

  1. General
    Go to menu item “Renewable database”, and you will find all the database entries listed with the institution name, the country and the associated categories (=working areas). They are sorted by country. To get a specific selection, please enter the term you are looking for into the search field and click on filter. The database will filter all the entries which have the expression you entered in any of the information fields. By clicking on the institution names of your result list, you will get all the information available on the respective institution.
  2. Filtered by category
    Go to menu item “Category” and you can activate a pre-filter before starting the search (see 1 General). Only results within the chosen category are displayed.