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water reservoirThe purpose of the DIREKT network is to promote European, African, Caribbean and Pacific networking and exchange of experience in employment, research and education in the field of renewable energies -as a tool to cope with climate change- within and also beyond the DIREKT project partnership. Other universities may therefore also take part in its activities and benefit from the information and experiences from the project.

Network members may be organisations such as enterprises, NGOs, ministries, local authorities, universities and other institutions working in the field of education, research and employment in the renewable energies sector.

Network members will receive regular updates on the DIREKT activities and invitations to DIREKT events, and will be approached for possible cooperation and collaboration within the DIREKT project.

The DIREKT network is divided into one international DIREKT network and five national DIREKT networks in the core partner countries (Germany, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius and Fiji).

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